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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Fresh Cream

I was playing songs from an old mp3 player recently, one I'd forgotten about. Intrigued by what might be on it I charged it up, plugged it in and put it on shuffle while I was pottering about. Within a few songs this came up, something I hadn't heard for years.

Fresh Cream

Fresh Cream is a beautiful little acoustic guitar instrumental, what sounds like nylon strings being plucked and pulled over chords strummed on a steel string guitar. It could be the title music to a 70s TV show, the incidental music to a spy thriller or the backing track to an item on art on the local news. Huck Whitney, the writer and player of Fresh Cream, was/is one of the guitarists in London garage rock 'n' rollers The Flaming Stars. He had a solo album out in 2008 called Black Diamond and wrote some music for the Bond film Quantum Of Solace which was not used for some reason. Whether Fresh Cream was one of these or not, I do not know. I think the mp3 came from Huck's MySpace page, back when MySpace was still a thing. For full 'where does the time go' horror I had feeling I might have posted it here before and it turns out I had, back in January 2010 when this blog was only a month old.

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