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Sunday 29 September 2019

Life Can Be Cruel

Would you like to start your Sunday with a hot off the press Hardway Bros re-edit of Japan's Life In Tokyo? Of course you would, why wouldn't you? Sean Johnston has given the 1979 David Sylvian- Giorgio Moroder co-write a sultry update, setting the controls for a nine minute voyage to the heart of the chug. It all gets a bit wiggy and spun out too. Get it here or below.

Life In Tokyo (Hardway Bros Re-edit)


Echorich said...

Rothko and Japan on a Sunday morning...I say Hell Yeah!
Life In Tokyo with a spaced out Latin Disco vibe...it's just beautiful. I love how they keep the sort of naive disco sound. I will say that I wish the vocals were mixed up front a bit. I really enjoy the last third where the synth and horns sound as if the machines have taken over the production.
I have always held that this was the most blatantly Roxy Music feeling Japan track - you can take that as either a good thing or bad thing depending on your particular bend.

Swiss Adam said...

The last third is great, really steps it up, and it gets quite intense.