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Friday 6 September 2019


This has been a rather long and busy week at work and the summer holiday now feels like it was an age ago. It's been feeling quite autumnal too. Friday has been a long time coming. I don't want to keep writing about politics and Brexit but it's been a dizzying week there too where an hour or two away from news leaves you feeling like anything could have happened. This time last week the proroguing of parliament was rightly a national outrage and the main topic of news. Since then Johnson has been defeated in parliament three times; attempted to call a general election; sacked twenty one members of his own party, some of whom are the longest serving and most distinguished Tories of modern times, in the name of party discipline, and this from a man who rebelled against the previous Prime Minister who appointed him to the cabinet; seen his own brother abandon his government and position as an MP; deliver a rambling, bizarre speech in West Yorkshire with a line of police cadets behind him, looking like the tinpot Mussolini wannabe that he is. He is a proven liar, a racist, a homophobe, and a hypocrite. They say we get the politicians we deserve. As a nation we are truly paying some enormous karmic debt at the moment.

Friday night is a time to switch off. Ambient techno from Gothenberg anyone?

Horizon is a track on a forthcoming album from Stiletti Ana on Hoga Nord Rekords, a slow and intense psychedelic, electronic trip inside. It is very much in the recent Richard Fearless/Death In Vegas area and I can't offer much higher praise than that. Pre-orders at Bandcamp.


Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

I think you know I'm a British expat now living in the USA ?
You've seen that we've had this ongoing nightmare since November 2016 and now the UK is getting a condensed version. You think you've reached it but keep asking yourself "Where's the bottom ?" I can tell you, there isn't one.
Every day we also say well, it can't get any stupider and then it does. (The hurricane and Alabama)
I wish we could see the when the crash, the implosion... anything to indicate when this idiocy will end, but nope.

Happy Friday everyone !

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Webbie. Cheers!

Anonymous said...