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Sunday 15 September 2019

Green On Blue

Double Weatherall action for Sunday, four hours of the end times sound system, across two different online radio shows.

First Lord Sabre's monthly jaunt to Hackney and NTS Radio. Music's Not For Everyone this month has the familiar, disparate collection of outsider sounds- garage rock, dub, post punk, more synths than you can shake a stick at and a new Weatherall remix of Ashley Caselles. Tracklist.

Meanwhile, broadcast a day later on Worldwide Radio, Andrew is in the studio with Heidi- some overlap with Music's Not For Everyone but with The Fall and The Cure too, to make a similarly eclectic and barnstorming selection of songs.


keepingitpeel said...

Big Fish/Little Fish/Cardboard Box

Big Fish/Little Fish/Cardboard Box

Swiss Adam said...

Eat Sleep Weatherall Repeat