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Saturday 28 September 2019

White Light

Whoosh! and oof! This arrived in my Inbox yesterday and is a tremendous racket, a full throttle explosion with flailing, driving, distorted guitars and pounding drums courtesy of Psychic Lemon (a three piece who rehearse and record in a studio in the back of a small garden in Cambridge apparently). They released an album last year called Live At The Smokehouse, a five track, forty- two minute long recording of a show they played in Ipswich. I think Drew turned me on to it. It's an intense and vivid blast of psyche/kraut/space rock, an instrumental guitar and synth freak out. The song titles alone should give you an idea about what to expect- Interstellar Fuzz Star, Satori Disko, Hey Droog!, Johnny Marvel At The Milky Way and White Light, the song in it's studio version that they now offer as a free download. Their new album Freak Mammal is out in November. Press play. Turn volume up. Cobwebs blown.


Echorich said...

Oh yeah, this fits right into what I want to listen to right now. Love the mashup of Psychedelic, Garage, Motorik and Post Punk! Can't help thinking about Into You Like A Train by Psychedelic Furs listening to it - and THAT is a complement in my mind.

drew said...

The first two albums are worth checking out too SA, Psychic Lemon and Frequency, Rhythm, Distortion, Delay.