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Sunday 6 November 2022

Forty Minutes Of Daniel Avery Remixes

Daniel Avery's new album Ultra Truth came out on Friday, a record already sounding like a contender for album of the year. Across fifteen tracks Daniel's cavernous, euphoric/ anxiety inducing ambient/ industrial/ techno has been fine tuned into an emotive and immersive album. Back in January when I started this Sunday mix series the second week was an Avery half hour mix. In way of a follow up and to celebrate the release of Ultra Truth I thought I'd do a second Avery half hour but this time remixes, Daniel's of other people and one of Daniel, all dating from the last couple of years. The sounds that are trademark Avery- the reverb, the drums, the wall of fog and distortion, the thump of the kick drum, the wobbly synths- are present in many of these which range from fairly languid to full on 'panel beaters from Prague' techno (quote courtesy of Andrew Weatherall, who is never very far away). 

Forty Minutes Of Daniel Avery Remixes

  • Enfant Sauvage: 58500 (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Saint Etienne: Fonteyn (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Leaving Laurel: Winter In The Woods (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • David Holmes: Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Mandy, Indiana: Alien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Joshua James: Amber Rush (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Confidence Man: Feels Like A Different Thing (Daniel Avery Remix)
  • Daniel Avery: Lone Swordsman (Chris Carter Remix)


jesseblack said...

Enjoyed that a lot. I do get hung up on the distorted drums at times, but I suppose it's a signature!

Adam Turner said...

I love the distorted drums although sometimes they do make me think my stylus is fucked