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Monday 29 January 2024

Monday's Long Song

Today's long song- less a song maybe, more a recording of ambient sound and noise- is twenty five minutes long and comes from the imaginations of Anatomy Of The Heads, three sound manipulators/ musicians/ conjurors who go under the names of Michael van Gore (Tiger Mountain Lord), J Heydenritch (The Essence Of  Forest Dweller & Gentleman) and F.I.S.H. (The Buddha Of Infinite Compassion) and as far as I can tell are based in Indoneisa and put out their music through a German label. Their newest piece of work is an EP of dark ambient/ dungeon synth called The Unknowable And Incomparable World which contains within it this opus, Behold The Serpent In The Sky

Waves of oscillations, synths wobbling and squealing, feedback, drones, the sound of sound, the noise of noise. It's an entrancing and epic collage. They claim that this composition serves as 'mystical proof of the existence of divine integers... an advancement in sacred geometry'. You can buy Behold The Serpent In The Sky at Bandcamp

While writing this and listening to the twenty five minute track above I remembered that Anatomy Of The Heads released an album last year, In The Realm Of Allied Barbarians And Tributary Lords, nine much shorter slices of ambient/ drone/ noise. Try this one which has chanting guaranteed to keep you feeling slightly on edge. 

A Procession Through The Hall Of Whirling Knives


Anonymous said...

Wish I was in the Goth Boi Clique. Sounds great fun. Swc.

Swiss Adam said...

You could set up your own branch Swc, a south west chapter

MB d'Mittens said...

AofTheH tickles my sensory responses in factorial magnitudes of these divine integers, actuating servos dancing under the curves of sacred geometry in the mysticism of indefinite integrals.