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Saturday 20 January 2024

Saturday Sessions

I love graffiti on the back of toilet doors, a subculture and demi- world of its own, full of cliches, randomness, artistry and insults. This door is the back of the cubicle in the men's toilet in The Eagle Inn, Salford, and frankly, your guess is as good as mine. 

Annie Nightingale's recent passing has bought a flood of much deserved tributes to her long career as  a DJ, from the 60s to the 2020s, and her constant championing of new music, underground music and the good deeds she often did for people- 'pay it forward', she often seems to have said to people who asked how they could return the favour she had just done for them. 

Annie was a friend of Andrew Weatherall's from the early days. She was part of the Primal Scream team (her son Alex was their manager in the 90s) when Weatherall's remixes and production broke them through from indie also rans to acid house rock 'n' roll stars. Andrew often sat in for Annie on Radio 1, providing guest mixes and shows for her. This one is from December 2008, just as Andrew was returning to the fray after  a couple of quiet years, his remixing and production back at his very best and his DJ sets full of invention and cosmic dance music- only thirty minutes long and without a second wasted. Funky, vibrant, cosmic dub- disco. The link below takes you to it at Mixcloud. 

Andrew Weatherall Mix For Annie Nightingale at Radio One December 2008

  • Richard Gateaux - Runnin On Empty 
  • They Came From The Stars - Moon Song (Holy Ghost Remix) 
  • Richard Sen & Cazbee - AM:FM 
  • Vincent Markowski - Dirty Capsule 
  • Soft Rocks - Slowdown 
  • Intaferon - Baby Pain

There are a slew of other mixes Andrew did for Annie at The Flightpath Estate's Mixcloud, Two Lone Swordsmen mixes and solo ones. This one dates from February 2000, Andrew mixing live from Rotters Gold Club, an hour of very eclectic, library, exotica and post punk. 

Andrew Weatherall Live From Rotters Golf Club For Annie Nightingale February 2000

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