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Thursday 28 March 2024

Agent Cooper Coffee Dreams

Markus Cooper, the man behind Bedford Falls Players, released one of my favourite EPs last year, the Three EP with Marimba Marmite, his remix of Matt Gunn's Learning Through Loops and Matt's remix of BFP's Chug Hug. Markus has followed it this week with a seven and a half minute excursion into David Lynch goes cosmic disco territory called Agent Cooper Coffee Dreams. It fizzes with energy and invention, synths crackling over a rattling drum machine, some familiar chord sequences and a sense of possibilities. The titular Agent Cooper- Kyle MacLachlan's Dale Cooper- turns up in sampled form. It's a fantastic piece of music, life enhancing and giddily ecstatic. You can buy it here for just £1.25. 

Twin Peaks was already the home to some memorable music, David Lynch's dreamworld mystery detective series having music stitched into from Julee Cruise's song that played over the titles to the music created by Angelo Badalamenti for the soundtrack. Julee's song Falling came out in 1989, a year ahead of the series starting, on her album Floating Into the Night (an album Lynch and Badalamenti co- wrote). The song is built around a very distinctive low end guitar part that harks back to the 50s but is smothered in a very 80s ambient/ Cocteau Twins sound, with Julee's voice a spectral presence. 


Angelo Badalamenti's The Pink Room soundtracked one of the most memorable scenes from the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Laura Palmer enters a world known as the Pink Room, a rabbit hole of hallucinations and sensory overload. 

The Pink Room

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Khayem said...

I’ve loved everything with a BFP label ever since I discovered them via your blog. Agent Cooper Coffee Dreams is no exception although I find the cover art strangely unsettling… rather like the best bits of Twin Peaks itself!