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Monday 18 March 2024

Monday's Long Song

Fluke's 1997 12" single Squirt came with a remix of Slid,  a track from 1993. The Modwheel Mix is ten minutes of late 90s progressive/ deep house, a track that has some of Underworld's DNA running through it. Modwheel is Tom Middleton of Global Communications, a man whose work is always worth listening to. This is a dancefloor number, easily slipped into any part of a late 90s DJ set, the vocal providing a slight contrast to the soaring, sunny day drums and synths. Never mind all that pre- millennial tension, this is infectious and optimistic dance music. 

Slid (Modwheel Remix)


Khayem said...

What a great pairing. The original Fluke and Justin Robertson mixes of Slid were phenomenal, Tom Middleton’s remix brought it bang up to date without losing any of the original’s impact. Superb.

Anonymous said...

Lovely punchy bit of writing Adam. If excessively positive about the music of that era. If only 30% of the shit trance had been like this instead

Swiss Adam said...

Ha ha- indeed anon. The late 90s were not a golden period for dance music.