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Monday 25 March 2024

Monday's Long Songs

Rheinzand were a recent Sunday mix post here. Coincidentally, not long after they announced the release of a new version of their second album Atlantis Atlantis, six of the songs remixed by Pete Blaker with new layers of instruments played by Pete, Reinhard, Mo and Charlotte. The first has the somewhat iffy title Ibiza Macht Frei (but having said that I've been a Joy Division fan since the 80s so Nazi influenced names aren't anything new or that we haven't dealt with before). Pete's reworking of Ibiza Macht Frei is a gorgeous eight minutes of slow motion drift, waves lapping on the shore as washes of synth build in a pink cloud, sax breaking through like shafts of sunlight. 

Pete's sonic refurbishment of Facciamo L'Amore is even longer, ten minutes of dubbed out majesty, a beautiful crawl through slow burning euphoria that just keeps giving as it plays. The album, Atlantis Atlantis (Sonic Refurbishment), will have a further four Pete Blaker remixes and can be ordered here

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