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Monday 4 March 2024

Monday's Long Song

Mildlife, Wikipedia informs us matter of factly, are a 'Melbourne based, Australian psychedelic jazz fusion group'. They have a new album out- I haven't heard it yet but will report back when I have. Last year they released a single called Return To Centaurus, a nine minute voyage into psychedelic/ cosmic space music with echoes of Giorgio Morodor and Sun Ra, music for the birth of the universe. It's ridiculously good. I only heard it a few weeks ago. The EP with the original version and two remixes can be bought here. The remix here is by Lovefingers, a fourteen minute slow jam with cosmic surf guitar, bongos and timpani, spaced out vocals and a long growly spoken word section that is very much a bathhouse odyssey. 

Return To Centaurus (Lovefingers Bathhouse Odyssey)


Anonymous said...

Weirdly. I asked Alexa to shuffle my 2024 playlist this morning. This was literally ten minutes ago. There I sat browsing this site as a tune bleeped away in the background.
"Alexa, what's this song? I asked.
"Musica' by Midlife she rather abruptly informed me. Regardless if that, Midlife are awesome.

Swiss Adam said...

Synchronicity- always ice when that happens.

Swiss Adam said...

Nice not ice