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Thursday 12 May 2022

Chapel Cottage, Sweet Venus

Chapel Cottage by Thee Church Ov Acid House remixed by Richard Fearless, dub techno from Hamburg rejigged in East London, out last week. Cavernous echo, drums, distorted squeaks, rattling percussion, whooshing noises, reverb- laden screams, long synth sounds- subterranean rave soundtrack. Buy it at Bandcamp.

While I'm posting Ricard Fearless again it would be remiss of me not to remind of this record from 2017, Sweet Venus, which came out on vinyl (300 copies only). Sweet Venus is to my ears one of the finest pieces of electronic music released this decade/ century, deep and beautiful, building, circling, loopy acid dub techno with some gorgeous keening drones. The build up to the hi- hats joining in at two minutes forty five is almost worth the price of admission alone and the final couple of minutes, everything synced in and pulsing forward is a joy. 

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Rickyotter said...

Everything Fearless touches seemingly turns to gold (I've often thought of him as a true kindred spirit of Weatherall), and as you say Sweet Venus is an absolute firecracker