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Friday 6 October 2023

Little Black Dress

Back at the start of the year 10:40 released an album, Transition Theory, an eleven track trip through the Balearic/ dub/ downtempo fields with each track containing the seeds of the next. It was in some ways 10:40's definitive statement, a bringing together of the sounds its creator Jesse had been pursuing and refining for the previous few years. This is the album's opening piece, Tumbling Down, where long synth chords and crackles of electricity provide the backdrop to a voice that's just out of earshot. Some slow hand drums start up and various melody lines weave in and out. The album is here if you don't have it or haven't heard it. 

Out today, a sidestep from Transition Theory, shimmying towards the flashing lights and smoke of the dancefloor, is the newest release from 10:40- Little Black Dress, a three version release on Powder Wax Vol. 1 which promises 'pop disco cosmic disco dub'. Little Black Dress (Original Fit), with vocals from S.A.A.R.A, is a collision of the pop and the disco with the cosmic and dub disco, a sleek, modern, mirrorball moment with wobbly synths, lasers, thumping kick drum and pulsing bass. 

It's joined by10:40's Heavy Eyeliner Dub and Undressed Dub. The Heavy Eyeliner Dub takes Little Black Dress from the main room to the 80s goth/ cool wave room, a smaller space and darker too with someone hammering the dry ice machine. There's more hairspray and leather jackets out on the floor, everyone glancing around as S.A.A.R.A sings, 'You send shivers down my spine' and the synths stutter.

The Undressed Dub rattles and shakes, S.A.A.R.A's voice chopped up and echoed. The second half builds in intensity, the punters in the cosmic disco backroom, a smiley friendly space, flipping out to the wiggly synths, tumbling drums and bumping bass. 

The Powder Wax Vol. 1 EP is available at Bandcamp, pay what you like.  

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