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Monday 30 October 2023

Monday's Long Song

Back to work with a bump today after a week off- and the clocks have gone back so soon it'll be dark at four. This is some aural balm to help ease those blues. A while back reader Spencer and myself were exchanging tracks for a project that never quite got going but it brought this to me, Body Blossom by CLAIR.

Body Blossom (Extended Version)

Body Blossom came out in 2022, the work of CLAIR, a six minute ambient/ experimental piece of music/ sound that blends found sounds and field recordings from the Yucatan jungle in Mexico with instruments- a warm modular synth or organ, some percussion and warm bass. There's a blissed out psychedelic feel to it, a euphoria, that I'm hoping may help lift the grimness of a cold morning in north west England in late October.  

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