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Monday 9 October 2023

Monday's Long Songs

Andy Bell's GLOK side project released a new album last week, eight versions of previously available songs played live in session for Electronic Sound. The album, Gateway Mechanics, is out at Bandcamp digitally and on bright yellow vinyl. He's on tour as GLOK at the moment. The versions on the live album are superb, the synths and guitars flying off over pre- recorded drums, Andy's cosmische/ motorik influences in full flow. This version of Dissident (from the first GLOK album of the same name, released in 2019) is twelve minutes of Michael Rother- esque guitars and pulsing sequencer lines, the fuzzbox seeing some action in the final few minutes. 

As a bonus, a  few weeks ago Andy and Masal put out a cover of Neu!'s Hallogallo, recorded at The Social in May this year, nine minutes of West German by way of Oxford bliss.


trail of bread said...

Sadly I shall be on a train from Norwich but Glok is playing Old Woolen in Leeds Tuesday 10th Oct 2023. Lovely venue and only £13.50. I would be there if not on a train

Swiss Adam said...

I'm missing GLOK at the Golden Lion tonight too.

Adverse Camper said...

Went to Winsford on Thursday, Andy sounded great & the Visuals were superb

Swiss Adam said...

I thought about going to Winsford Adverse Camper- but didn't