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Friday 27 October 2023

The Rub

This is the new track from Dirt Bogarde, The Rub, following hot on the heels of previous releases this year- last month's epic acid house chugger Peyote Plains, the post- punk dread of Tenth Floor Down, Cloud Walking, the magnificent, room filling, spine tingling Heavy Blotter and wobbly, speaker testing Backroom Sunrise. The Rub has some of Dirt's familiar sounds- the big synth sound, ghosts in the machine backing vocals, ripples of melodic toplines and thumping drums coupled a sense of wide eyed euphoria and some wonderful dynamics. When the breakdown hits, a distorted sax drifts in to take the lead and it pushes everything on for the last two minutes, stuttering synths, sax, hisses of steam sounds and that melody line dancing around again. Wonderfully evocative stuff from Stourbridge. Get The Rub here for just one pound. 

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