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Thursday 26 October 2023

Short Forgotten Produk

The Soundcloud page belonging to user18081971 is widely recognised as belonging to Richard D. James, Aphex Twin. Every now and then he uploads previously unreleased material to it, presumably when recordings re- appear in front of him when looking through folders/ DATs/ tapes while searching for something else. Back in July this one was uploaded...

Short Forgotten Produk Trk Omc

Two minutes of fuzzed bass, a lazy drumbeat and some almost jazzy synth chords and keys. Just before the minute another synth part appears and shifts it into different territory before disappearing again and everything stripping back for the last thirty seconds, leaving just the bass. According to Richard  it was 'as promised to people that pm'd me. made approx 2006- 07'. It's not much more than a sketch, an idea slightly fleshed out, short and forgotten until now, but the AFX magic is located within it. 

If you want a further reminder of Richard D. James' ability to create transcendental music earlier this year he released an EP led by the track Black Box Recorder 21f, four minutes of electronic alchemy, dedicated to his parents both of whom he has lost in recent years, his dad in 2020 and his mum in 2022. 

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