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Saturday, 20 September 2014


As well as his expansive, trippy Time And Space Machine guise Richard Norris puts out some deeper, darker, dancefloor oriented music, what he calls post-midnight 'basement filth'. A single has come out this month for New York's Throne Of Blood label. There are several remixes including one by Sean Johnston's Hardway Bros but I think this is the pick of the bunch- Ivan Smagghe turning the bassline up and adding some 60s organ and gothic horror. Tense.

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Return Of...Oooh Look It's A New Andrew Weatherall Remix

In tonight's rockabilly slot I can offer you Andrew Weatherall dressed rockabilly. And a new remix that he's done for Atari Teenage Riot. Nope, I didn't know they were still going either.

The remix isn't remotely rockabilly- it's a long, slow groove with the arpeggiator turned up to max and as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Hope all you disappointed Yessers up in Scotland are managing to pick yourselves up today.

Yellow Creatures

I get quite a lot of unsolicited emails offering me bands and artists to listen to and post, and- I'm sure this is a familiar feeling among bloggers- I don't have the time to listen to all/much of it, some of the emails and descriptions just don't grab me, and occasionally feel a little guilty about it.

I got an email from Paul, in a post-punk band from Newcastle called Yellow Creatures, and followed the link. This is good stuff- radio static followed by a repetitive and interesting guitar riff, a deep singing voice and some building tension and release. Definitely post-punk inspired but there's enough originality to keep it from being a photocopy of 1981-  and it's quite a while since I heard something new from a guitar band that got me anywhere near excited. This song is from an ep out this month called The Year Of Everything and Nothing.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Independence Day?

I wouldn't dream of 'telling' anyone in Scotland how they should vote in today's referendum, and it's a well known fact that up to 80% of music blogdom is made up of midddle aged Scottish folk, some of whom I count as my friends, but I think I'd like to at least ponder on the subject for a few minutes.

From a British point of view my feelings have always been that we should stay together, that union makes us stronger.

But... I think if I was Scottish I'd be voting Yes. There's a clear dissatisfaction with the relationship and the impression that Scotland has long been ruled by English governments- not alongside or with but by a London-centric (Tory) English elite. Counting Tory MPs in Scotland in recent years would take less than two fingers. The arguments about rising prices in supermarkets following independence and whether Scotland would still get the BBC and other similar ones seem to be the workings of Cameron and his friends suddenly panicked that the polls have been getting too close for comfort (and that took them by surprise didn't it?). The Better Together campaign has been arrogant throughout, patronising and, from watching down here, hasn't really engaged people. And while Alex Salmond doesn't do much for me, Alistair Darling does less.

For Cameron to become 'the Prime Minister who lost the Union' would also be fun to watch- he's managed to avoid any of the controversies and policy disasters of his government sticking to him personally and he'd have to wriggle really hard to get out of this one. Although the prospect of the Tories getting an easier ride in what's left of the UK general elections due to the absence of Scottish MPs is a concern for any of the left in the three countries left behind.

It also seems increasingly clear that anything other than an overwhelming No victory, which seems unlikely, will lead to a significant shifting in the relationship, even if the Better Together campaign wins. If 45-49% of Scots vote to leave, then something has to change regardless. The opportunity to stick one in the eye of the political elite, one that will really hurt not just a piffling mid-term by-election result, is something that I can imagine motivating a lot of people, whether they're nationalist or not. As a writer pointed out somewhere recently, Scottish nationalism doesn't necessarily mean what nationalism can in England- it's about self-determination. That a desire for a fairer, more equal society has been a major part of the debate is also encouraging. In England many people seem to have lost sight of that and blithely go along with the widening gap between rich and poor.

It's also been really good to see so many people getting interested in a political issue, expressing opinions and discussing and arguing (even if as JC argued over at The Vinyl Villain this week some of the debate has been childish, sloganeering and intolerant). Compare the whole thing to electoral turnout a recent general elections. Since the 1980s people have turned away from politics and politicians in apathy and disgust (and it's the politicians fault this has happened, they're responsible for that not the public). In Scotland well over 90% of people have registered to vote and 16 and 17 year olds have shown they can grapple with political issues too- well, what a surprise! Maybe the bottom line is that this is what happens when a large number of people, who feel ignored for years, suddenly feel empowered.

Comsat Angels, Sheffield's finest, from 1980. I am friends of a friend with the guitarist of Comsat Angels. DJing at a party I played this song when he walked into the room. The guitarist turned around and walked straight out again. Ooops.

Independence Day

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dickie Davies Eyes

I read welcome news at the weekend- Half Man Half Biscuit have a new album out in October. Rejoice.

In 1986 they released the single Dickie Davies Eyes, an absolute HMHB masterclass. Led by organ and building slowly  from the opening line you know you're in for a good ride- 'mention the Lord of the Rings just once more and I'll more than likely kill you'. Nigel Blackwell goes on to marry together Roger Dean posters, snot disposal, Brian Moore's head and London Planetarium, a wok, Cadbury's Flake and oral sex, Michael Moorcock ('Moorcock, Moorcock, Michael Moorcock you fervently moan') and 'a Romany bint in a field with her ace suggesting we faint at her beauty'.

But she's got Dickie Davies Eyes.

Dickie Davies Eyes

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


This off cut from The Asphodells sneaked out a while ago on a compilation album- gas powered drum machine and some of those lovely mournful, keening sounds Weatherall uses a lot at the moment. I've no idea what the title means.

Prejoy (Barbaric Splendour Version)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Couldn't Do

Down in the basement, James Dean spends his Monday morning pondering his next vinyl selection.

The new Time And Space Machine remix compilation, The Way Out Sound From In, is rapidly taking over my stereo. Eight high quality Richard Norris remixes including Warpaint, Jagwar Ma and Temples that hang together really well as an album and take in a variety of sounds, from acid rock to Balearica to spaced out danciness. This is slow burning remix of New York's Cheval Sombre. Listen, enjoy and then go out and get the album.

Couldn't Do (The Time And Space Machine Remix)

Sunday, 14 September 2014


I've been enjoying Frank Ocean's album again recently- it gives something else up on each listen.

A lot of my posts have been really short lately.