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Friday, 19 December 2014

Oh Men

Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert, the two members of New Order who don't hate each other, have done a remix of a Tim Burgess solo song, Oh Men. Tim co-wrote the song with Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and Peter Gordon (Love Of Life Orchestra). The Other Two remix sounds a bit late era New Order, a bit Kraftwerk. It is sprightly and out now on vinyl (along with the wonderful Peaking Lights remix and versions from Grumbling Fur and Carter Tutti). There are only 500 copies worldwide. They've still got some at the ever brilliant Piccadilly Records.

No-one falls out quite like Manchester bands do they? Bernard and Hooky, Morrissey and Marr, Morrissey and Rourke, Morrissey and Joyce, Ian Brown and John Squire, Ian Brown and Reni, all of Happy Mondays, Liam and Noel... I'd like to see an Mcr loathing-each-other supergroup. Put them all in a rehearsal room and see what happens.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Here's some super slinky 70s stuff from Glass Candy, a cover of Herb Alpert's classic. Glass Candy always manage to stay just the right side of the line- they skirt it pretty close sometimes- but make no mistake, this is class. Listening to this I feel like I should be reclining in my 25th floor New York apartment overlooking Central Park, in one of those suspended plastic bowl seats, with a large weighty tumbler in my hand (spirits splashed over ice), while my girlfriend lounges in a see-through nightie idly flicking through Cosmopolitan. I am wearing polyester flares and a polo-neck, smoking. A chimp plays the trumpet.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Big Surprise

This song, as far as I know, is the most recent thing Mick Jones (and Tony James) recorded and released as Carbon/Silicon. It's a lovely, mellow tune with a smile-and-the-world-smiles-with-you kind of feel and an I'm-a-survivor kind of message. It'll make you feel good, possibly a little teary, a bit seasonal. There are Santas in the video. Good work Mick.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Out Of The Black

This is a bit good and thanks to Echorich for the tip off- a remix of Out Of The Black from Neneh Cherry's excellent album Blank Project. The songs on the album are really stripped back and percussive, Neneh's singing blues and jazz influenced. This remix by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard puts some clubby sounds and dynamics into it, alongside Swedish popstar Robyn.

And tying recent postees together neatly, in this Big Audio Dynamite video for C'mon Every Beatbox, Neneh Cherry busts some moves and cuts some rug. I always love the way Mick and Don sing alternate lines in this song (and there's a guitar solo pinched from Jimi Hendrix). Surely this was where Roddy Frame got his inspiration for Good Morning Britain from too.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Be What You Wanna Be

Saturday night- A Certain Ratio, live at Academy 2 (I much preferred it when this great gig room was called The Student Union Main Debating Hall. I also preferred it when gigging didn't require a bank loan at the bar. No draught beer in the venue. Four cans of lager, fourteen quid. Fourteen quid! Robbery!). This shot, nabbed from the band's website, is towards the end. Drummer Donald Johnson has switched to bass and is doing backing vox with his sister Denise while guitarist Martin Moscrop is on drums. They swapped back mid-song.

The gig ran roughly in chronological order. Early stuff early on (Do The Du, still as funky as can be, and Flight). A cover of the Brian Eno song that they got their name from. The house sounds of their '89-'91 back catalogue made up the bulk of the set and were top notch- a massive Good Together, the dancepop of Won't Stop Loving You and a crowd pleasing Be What You Wanna Be, and the mainly middle aged audience dancing about at the front, grateful for babysitters on a wet and cold Saturday night. Off briefly and then back on for Shack Up, sung by Denise, who doesn't look a day older than she did when she first sang with the band. ACR's recorded songs are all very of their time- live they all fit together really well and make a coherent sounding set. On the tram home I met and spoke to Simon Wolstencroft (Funky Si), a former drummer of The Fall and a man in early versions of both the Stone Roses and The Smiths.

Be What You Wanna Be

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Love

A change of pace today and some frenetic mid-80s goth synthpunk from New Jersey's Screaming For Emily, an alternative dancefloor classic by all accounts. I heard this on an internet radio show last week and thought 'that sounds good'. Pretty unfestive too.

The Love


I haven't finished my 2014 list yet- apologies for the tardiness, I know you're all waiting eagerly for my annual run down. As a sort of pre-list, a bowl of soup before the main course, here's a list of Andrew Weatherall's best remixes of 2014. A top nine (to the best of my knowledge there have only been nine remixes this year, which makes 2014 a bit of a quiet year for Lord Sabre). The links will take you to either Youtube or Soundcloud. I can't give away nine downloads in one post. Disappointingly to date only two of these have had a vinyl release, another two are available on cds. The internet only remix trailer is a sign of the times.

9. Primal Scream 'Goodbye Johnny' Andrew Weatherall's Nyabinghi Noir Mix
Dark and unsettling, stripped back with a sax and guitar stabs.

8. Noel Gallagher 'In The Heat Of The Moment' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Big and with bells. Noel arrives briefly at four minutes in.

7. Blue Rondo a la Turk 'Klactofilthedstein' Andrew Weatherall's Mixling
Techno remodelling of 80s jazz-funk. Better than that sounds.

6. She Lies 'Needed You' The Asphodells Remix
Lovely electro remix of Berliners. 

5. Atari Teenage Riot 'J One M One' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Arpeggiator set to full, long and well worth it.

4. Richard Sen 'Songs Of Pressure' The Asphodells Remix
Stoned dub. 

3. Group Rhoda 'King' The Asphodells Remix
Digital dub. 

2. Sam Roberts Band 'We're All In This Together' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Insistent drum machine, long with some gorgeous keening sounds.

1. Dayglo Maradona 'Rock Section' Andrew Weatherall Remix
Nine minutes fifty three of bliss, taking Julian Cope's fictional baggy band and sending them home.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I'm going to see A Certain Ratio tonight, Manchester's perennial nearly men and women. I've seen them several times live and they're always good. I thought I'd post up some live clips to see me on my way out.

This one is ACR live on Granada TV, New Year's Eve 1991, playing 27 Forever and Mello. Personally I love the house music ACR (Good Together, the whole MCR album, The Big E, Won't Stop Loving You, 27 Forever and Mello) as much if not more than the early 80s Factory Records punk-funk incarnation. I imagine Tony Wilson made this appearance happen.

From a year earlier, live at London's Town and Country Club. I don't know where Denise is- tied up with Primal Scream maybe.

And this is an unplugged version of Won't Stop Loving You, done much more recently.

Speed Of Dark

Emiliana Torrini's Speed Of Dark from last year's album Tookah- slow, dreamy, soft focus, a touch of 80s electro-pop about it but modern too.

Speed Of Dark

I think today is Christmas tree buying and decorating day.