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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Cosmic Soul Cosmic Dub

From Cosmic Silence in Belgium yesterday to Cosmic Soul and Cosmick Dub from Germany and the USA today. Nhii, Munich born and New York based, is a DJ and producer who builds some of his tracks around North African sounds, the superb Impermanence EP being a case in point. This one is much more club oriented, a synth based slow burner, dark and groovy. 

Cosmic Soul

Peaking Lights have been featured here before several times, a husband/ wife duo who met in San Francisco, moved to rural Wisconsin and then back to California. Lucifer, released in 2012, is a back catalogue highlight, a technicolour swirl of psyche/ shoegaze/ motorik/ synth/ dub. They reworked Lucifer into Lucifer In Dub as a companion album, a head spinning, sleepy headed blur of clattering percussion, dubbed out basslines and echo. 

Cosmick Dub

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