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Monday, 21 June 2021

Monday's Long Song

The new album from Orb boss Alex Paterson and old Orb partner Andy Falconer- released under the name Sedibus- is turning out to be one of early summer's real treats. Recent Orb albums have been a bit hit and miss and 2020's Abolition Of The Royal Familia had some very good, long tracks towards the end and some lovely remixes too but some misfires too. The Heavens is beautiful, immersive ambient house from start to finish, only four tracks but each one a journey- littered with samples, some familiar ones, space and NASA samples recurring, the thumping kick drum and dub bass present and the trademark Paterson sense of humour evident too. Dr Alex and Andy Falconer last worked together thirty years ago on Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld and in some ways this album seems to have picked up where that one left off. All four tracks are superb, weightless, organic and absorbing stuff. Unknowable, all eighteen minutes of it, is a trip. 


drew said...

Forgot all about this. Now ordered.

acidted said...

Thanks for flagging this album. It's very good.

Khayem said...

Ooh, that was good. Apart from the odd track here or there, the most recent being from 2015's Moonbuilding 2703 AD, I realise that I've pretty much not followed what The Orb has been up to for the last decade. This has piqued my interest and I'll dive back in. Thanks, Adam.