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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

We'll Be Alright

Rheinzand's new single appeared at the end of last week, the first taste of their second album. We'll Be Alright is a perfect slice of mellow, optimistic pop, drenched in their house/ disco/ dub production with a bubbly 60s bassline and a sitar solo- what else could you ask for? The first play left me a little unsure but it's a grower and repeated plays bring repeated rewards. Lovely sounds hitting all the right notes, We'll Be Alright is a dancefloor gem and has arrived at the exact point where autumn looks beautiful, the trees a riot of greens turning to oranges, bronzes and reds (just before we get plunged into the gloom of November).   

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Khayem said...

Well, I have you to thank for getting into the sounds of Rheinzand in the first place, but We'll Be Alright is just brilliant. That bassline is really familiar, isn't it? Just what's needed on a dull, wet and dark October day (or any day, if I'm honest)