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Saturday 18 June 2022

Saturday Theme Fifteen

Back in 1989 E.J. Robinson (otherwise known as Marcello Catalano, an Italian producer and studio and label boss) recorded an Italo- house version of the theme from the Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise comedy/ drama Rain Man. If you didn't previously know you needed an Italo- house version of the theme from Rain Man in your life, you do now. This is a wonderful piece of late 80s music, various barriers being dissolved as the 90s hove into view. 

I've never seen Rain Man (in fact I realised recently with all the hype about the new Top Gun film I never seen Top Gun either. Switching briefly to a list of films starring Tom Cruise I now see that I've not seen a single Cruise film with the exception of The Colour Of Money. I am quite happy with this state of affairs). But this slice of '89 Italo house is magical, all Funky Drummer breakbeat, big synth chords, bongos, piano and a keyboard with the button marked panpipes pressed in. 

(Theme From) Rain Man (Dance Version)

Theme From Rain Man is one of the ten tracks on a 1989 compilation called Sueno! Essential Mediterranean Dancetrax, a moment in time captured. The album can be picked up really cheaply- Discogs currently has copies starting at 67p and copies from UK sellers are only a couple of quid- and is well worth it for the uptempo, holiday soundtracking, piano house contained within its grooves. A further note of interest is that the liner notes on the back of the sleeve are by Andrew Weatherall, then largely unknown, and legend has it the money he was paid for writing the sleeve notes paid for his first pair of Technics turntables and mixer. 

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Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

a 1989 compilation called Sueno!

I have that! Or had that, I can't remember. Have to go and dig around the collection now...