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Friday 15 July 2022

Dexter And Lumux

Last November I posted a track from a Higher Love compilation, a record label based in Brighton, a five minute slice of dubby euphoric house called Dexter In Dub by Perry Granville. 

In May this year Dexter was remixed by Bedford Falls Players, a seven minute reworking that takes Dexter into entirely new places, starting out blissed out and then getting chuggy, long synth chords and rattling drums and an echo- laden voice, building intently. At three minutes thirty six it explodes into controlled chaos, beats and chopped up vocal before a piano returns to take us down again. Things go back and forth over the next few minutes as BFP pull out all the stops, twisting Perry's melon all over the place. Dexter In Dub (Bedford Falls Players Remix) is available at Bandcamp, name your own price.

Perry has a new track about to press all your acid house buttons, an intense and pumped up piece of hypnotic Friday night, dancefloor mayhem called Lumux. Echoes ricocheting around, acidic squiggles, 303 bassline, voices muttering in the flashing of the strobe, drums clattering about. It's heady stuff. Lumux is also at Bandcamp and at the end of the month the full release comes with remixes from Peza and Exildiscount, neither slowing down or taking it easy.  

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