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Sunday 17 July 2022

Forty Minutes Of Seahawks

Since 2010 Seahawks, a duo made up of Pete Fowler and Jon Tye, have released a hatful of albums, singles and EPs, plus done multiple remixes of other artists- dreamy, drifting, brightly coloured ambient/ Balearic/ cosmic music that ebbs and flows in waves. The mix below is a sample of some of their own tracks with a couple of remixes stitched in, perfect for the heat that's arrived this weekend and which promises to be something else next week. Music to do nothing to. 

Forty Minutes Of Seahawks

I've listened back to this mix several times since putting it together and have to say it sounds really good- that's all credit to Seahawks. Making a lovely sounding mix from their music was not difficult at all. Islands, Missed and Rainbow Sun are all from the Paradise Freaks album, released in 2014. The Pye Corner Audio remix of Sky Is You comes from a remix EP the same year that also featured a Prins Thomas remix that I couldn't fit on here but is very much worth checking out. Escape Hatch is from their 2016 album of the same name. The remix of Tim Burgess, every gloriously broken and wasted eleven minutes of it came out in 2012 and their remix of Private Agenda was one of last year's highlights from a six track remix mini- album called Submersion.

  • Seahawks: Islands
  • Private Agenda: Malanai Ascending (Seahawks Remix)
  • Seahawks: Rainbow Sun
  • Seahawks: Escape Hatch
  • Seahawks: Sky Is You (Head Tek Pye Corner Audio Mix)
  • Tim Burgess: A Gain/ Stoned Alone Again (Seahawks Remix)
  • Seahawks: Missed

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