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Wednesday 12 October 2022

Geometry And Audio

Principles Of Geometry are a duo from Lille, France about whom I know very little. Guillaume Grusso and Jeremy Duval have been making electronic music since 2005, a smattering of albums, singles and remixes of other artists. A new album, their fifth, is imminent and the single First I Heard Colors was released last Friday. This Pye Corner Audio remix was what drew me in... 

It fades in gently, an ambient synth excursion that then snaps into focus. Pye Corner Audio's vintage drum machine starts thudding away, the synths pulse and twinkle and everything's gone 80s horror/ sci fi soundtrack meets acid house, John Carpenter lost on the floor in the strobe and dry ice. The remix and the original can be found at Bandcamp. The source track is shorter, minimal and abstract with a voice just about audible whispering 'everything begins at exactly the right time'. 

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