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Friday 7 October 2022

High Tide Low Tide

This song came out a year ago, the first taste of Rheinzand's second album. Written as a tentative celebration of emerging from the two years of Covid and lockdowns, a burst of optimism drenched in Rheinzand's signature Balearic dance pop, We'll Be Alright was the group's way of saying 'we made it through, we will be alright'. 

The second verse, sunny positivity tinged with sadness, sees Charlotte singing, 'To live without regret/ a chance to reset/ to live and fade to black/ take your moment back', and then soars upwards with, 'A little bit of fun/ Never killed anyone// High tide, low tide/ We'll be alright'. 

It's become a song that runs through my head often, one that lifts and cheers me, and admittedly leaves me a bit rueful on occasion- can you live without regret?- but which has become one of 'my songs'. I played it in the Golden Lion on Saturday night as the pub was filling up and things were heating up a bit in the evening and had a little internal moment. 

'This no man's land/ needs a footprint in the sand/ waves erase the shore/ time for letting go'. 

We'll Be Alright


C said...

Love this. That uplifting feel, but with the subtle slip into a minor key in places, the bassline, the sitars coming in... it's one of those perfect songs.

Swiss Adam said...

It's alchemy isn't it

thewalker said...

Nice, this little diversion lifted my spirits somewhat.
Jah bless.