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Saturday, 1 October 2022

Saturday Theme Twenty Six

The Saturday Theme theme returns, for at least one more week. This Theme is from deepest Yorkshire in 1989, Unique 3 from Bradford, and the northern bleep techno scene.

The Theme (Original Chill Mix)

Ghostly science fiction voices. Sub bass. Bleeps. Massive rave hoover distorted synth bassline. Despite the mix title, there's nothing chill about it, a record so futuristic it should be beaming transmissions back from the outer limits of the solar system. 

In other news, this afternoon and tonight this is happening...

Along with four compadres I shall be grappling with the world of digital DJing at West Yorkshire's finest acid house pub The Golden Lion, playing music inspired by Andrew Weatherall and his world. The headlining DJ (not actually on the poster above but listed below) is the actual, one and only David Holmes. We are warming up for him. 

Yes, of course I'm a little nervous. 


Nick L said...

Hope this afternoon goes well Adam...it's illustrious company but for me the Swiss boy has more than enough in his tank to make a memorable impression on the big occasion!

Jake Sniper said...

You'll be more than fine, just go and enjoy yourself. Sending love & strength, wish I could be there & all the best Swiss.

Khayem said...

Best wishes for this afternoon, Adam. You’ll knock it out the park, if the mixes you’ve posted here are any measure. Have fun!

acidted said...

This is brilliant. Hope you smashed it. Am sure you did.