Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Friday 16 December 2022

Electrify Me

Rheinzand's second album Atlantis Atlantis is one of this year's favourites at Bagging Area. Rheinzand (Reinhard Vanbergen Charlotte Caluwaerts and Mo Disko) are from Ghent, dance/ house/Balearic/ nu disco pioneers. Earlier this year Mo and Charlotte appeared at the northern launch night for Disco Pogo, the new revived and updated version of the legendary Jockey Slut magazine, published twice yearly. The event was at Electrik in Chorlton and Mo was DJing. At one point I caught him as we passed each other in the bar and I told him how much I loved the album- he broke into a massive smile and gave me a huge hug. 

Rheinzand have just released an expanded version of Atlantis Atlantis with two new extra songs- this one, the nine minute dark disco odyssey of Electrify Me is a stunner with a bouncy, ascending bassline, dark synths and twin vocals. Buy the album and the new songs here

Our boiler packed up last night leaving us with no radiators while the temperature dropped to minus five outside, and little hot water. Despite my best efforts at defrosting the condensate pipe (standing in the garden alternating between pouring hot water on it and aiming a hair dryer at it for two hours), it remained resolutely un- defrosted. So either it was too frozen or I didn't do it for long enough. Or the boiler's broken. One of those moments where you think everything's against you. 


C said...

That's very escapist, I like it a lot. So sorry though to hear about your boiler, that's awful. Really hope you can get it up and running asap, keep us posted (and keep warm one way or another)

Adam Turner said...

Collected various heaters and have them scattered in various rooms. Slightly warmer than last night and this morning which was very cold. Have managed to get some hot water this evening so filled a bath. Luxury.

Jake Sniper said...

I really like the previous Rheinzand albim,somehow though didnt click with Atlantis Atlantis. Hope you get your heating sorted soon. Our heating/ hot water is playing up, just had it serviced as well!