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Monday, 5 December 2022

Monday Mix

A mix for Monday, my seventh for Tak Tent Radio who broadcast out of central Scotland with a range of contributors and guests. This one, has music from a lot of artists who have graced the pages of this blog this year- Mark Peters with Dot Allison remixed by Richard Norris, Pete Wylie and Wah! The Mongrel from 1991, Pye Corner Audio remixed by Sonic Boom, Andy Bell remixed by David Holmes, Gabe Gurnsey, Jazxing, Jezebell's recent edit of Laurie Anderson, Carly Simon, Dirt Bogarde and Boxheater Jackson. In short- starts ambient, goes Balaeric and ends up dancey. Listen here or here.

  • Mark Peters and Dot Allison: Sundowning (Richard Norris Ambient Remix)
  • Pete Wylie and Wah! The Mongrel: Don’t Lose Your Drums
  • Pye Corner Audio: Warmth Of The Sun (Sonic Boom Remix)
  • Andy Bell: The Sky Without You (David Holmes Radical Mycology remix)
  • Gabe Gurnsey: To The Room
  • Jazxing: Fala
  • Jezebell: Re- birth (Edit)
  • Carly Simon: Why (Extended 12” Mix)
  • Dirt Bogarde: So Far Away
  • Boxheater Jackson: Don’t Complicate


Nick L said...

Get you with your burgeoning DJ and presenter career! Nice...always loved that version of Why.

The Swede said...

Not sure that it's the intended purpose, but I'm enjoying the mix while writing my Christmas cards - the perfect soundtrack!

Swiss Adam said...

Music to write Christmas cards to- number one in an annual series maybe.

Khayem said...

Another cracking mix, Adam. Why is going to sound great in any mix, but I loved the pairing with the Jezebell re-edit. Thanks also for reminding me about the Dirt Bogarde and Boxheater Jackson tracks. I made a mental note to investigate further when you originally posted them and I completely forgot to follow up.