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Thursday 29 November 2018


I took these photos of cranes on Saturday night after seeing ACR at Gorilla. This is the site of the old BBC building on Oxford Road undergoing redevelopment and currently occupied by cranes and enormous concrete columns. The whole city centre is changing rapidly, almost daily, and in places is becoming unrecognisable. They've built two new skyscrapers at the southern edge of the city centre that have appeared almost out of nowhere and completely change the skyline.

I found this through Mr Weatherall's last radio show for NTS and it's lovely. I thought some of you might have missed it and you really shouldn't. Lost Cat is Jo Case from Bristol who has put out this 3 track release called Some Loops. The opening song, Postcode, is a woozy, psychedelic wonder, all hissing drum machine with masses of reverb, nailing a feeling of some kind- you'll know the one when you hear it.


keepingitpeel said...

You found this from where now....?

Nobutseriously.... The last time I was back in MCR was 2004, before that it was mid-late 1990's and even back then I hardly recognised the place. I was on the Oxford Road and saw the BBC building. Wish I had taken a picture or something. I'm sure somebody has. Is there somewhere that has archive Manchester pics ? Angelcakepics on twitter does a great job with Liverpool photos, have to find a Manc version.

C said...

Fantastic photos - and great work on the cranes, very majestic looking. I'm ambivalent about the changing skylines; whilst they can be quite beautiful in their own right I'm often saddened by the inevitable sacrifices along the way.

drew said...

good photies SA

Swiss Adam said...

You're right keeping it peel- I'm sure there must be an archive of Manchester pictures.

I agree C- a lot gets lost on the way.

C said...

Not sure if of interest (or if it will be any good!) but noticed whilst going through TV channels that there's a programme on Talking Pictures channel tomorrow night (3rd Dec) 22.40 called The Midlands In the 1960s - it says on the blurb it includes some great archive clips of Manchester in the '60s.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks C, will have a look for it.