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Friday 5 June 2020

Delusions Of Grandeur

Yesterday- early 80s punk from Los Angeles. Today- trance house from San Francisco in 1993. The Delusions of Grandeur album, a double vinyl compilation, came out in '93. It pulled together releases from Rabbit In The Moon, Hawke, The Drum Club and God Within, all out on the Hardkiss label. Hardkiss were pioneers of US dance music, the brainchild of Scott, Robbie and Gavin Hardkiss. This track by Hawke (Gavin's pseudonym) is a peak on an album that has plenty of peaks, a thumping, rolling, full on sound that comes in waves and doesn't let go. Big, tribal drums. Percussion at the top end. Throbbing bassline. Trippy, trancey acid sounds. Big breakdowns and re- entries. A saxophone all bent out of shape. Perfect for Friday nights and losing yourself in.

3 Nudes Having Sax On Acid (Scott Hardkiss remix)

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