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Sunday 26 July 2020

Beginner's Mind

Out a couple of weeks ago and revealing new layers with each play, the new album from Future Beat Alliance is a keeper. Two years ago he (Matthew Purfett/ Future Beat Alliance) released Black Acid, a seven minute slice of Detroit inspired sleek, intense, hypnotic, acid techno. That track features on Beginner's Mind but stands out as the only one in that vein. Much of the rest of the nine pieces of music are slowed down, contemplative electronic music, more ambient than techno- seascapes rather than strobe lights. Layers of synths and strings, warm bass, percussion, melodic woodblocks tumbling, chimes, the echo and space of dub with the long chords of Detroit techno, an album that works as a long player (something that seems to be making a comeback).


Swanditch said...

Sounds a lot like the retro 80s synthwave stuff. I like.

Walter said...

Really like what I heard. Thank you Adam