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Monday 24 January 2022

Monday's Long Song

Back in the 90s some of the most out there and best produced ambient house came from Global Communications, a duo formed by Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Strangely, in twelve years and (to date) 4, 898 posts I've never written about Global Communications. Today I'm only doing so in passing but I will come back to them soon I think. Last year Tom Middleton continued his explorations of the future and music as GCOM, an update of Global Communications for the 21st century (GCOM becoming Galactic Communications). The album E2- XO is about a journey from Earth to Mars and beyond, a response in musical form to climate change and what humans have done to the planet in the recent past. As a four sided, incredibly realised album it takes in all the electronic musical forms- ambient, soundtrack, dance music, house, the full gamut. The album closes with a celestial fourteen minute trip into the synth heavens. 

Beyond The Milky Way 


pyewakt said...

Thanks for posting this. Intrigued to know how this sounds. Mark's stuff has been top notch over the past couple of decades. Tom was stuck in some sort of house rut so great to see something else emerge.

Khayem said...

Oh, that's lovely... and made me what to dig out some Global Communication, especially 76:14. I really enjoyed Tom's step into house music, especially as Cosmos, but I'd agree with pyewakt that Mark's music has had the edge, particularly his Trouble Man releases. Great stuff all round.