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Wednesday 13 July 2022


For some reason I missed posting this when it came out back in the middle of June (and previously when it was first released in September last year) but better late than never. Walking out in the late evening sunshine last week with my headphones in, Concurrence by Jezebell came onto my playlist. 

A slow motion, dark slice of dubby house that picks up with a thunderous breakbeat a little way in and proceeds to mess things up with a chopped up vocal snippet that twists its way in and around the track. Ominous synths add to the moodiness as the vocal burrows its way in. Leaves one feeling slightly frazzled- in a good way. 

It was originally available here as part of When Disco Goes Wrong with several mixes, remakes and dubs, including one very acidic one from Sweden's Mindbender. Then last month it was re- released here with more remixes courtesy of Akio Nagase, 33rd December, Super FU and Pete Bones. Jezebell are Jesse Fahnestock and Darren Bell and despite featuring their music here several times in the last year I have only just now twigged that the name Jezebell comes from the start of Jesse's name and the end of Darren's. 


jesseblack said...

We're basically a running exercise in pathetic wordplay justified by the occasional release of music.

Darren Bell said...

Speak for yourself, I pride myself on wordplay. Coming soon, Jezebellaerica and Jezebellectro 😉 great article. Thanks 🙏

Swiss Adam said...

This marks the first time both members of a band have commented on a blogpost.