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Monday 15 August 2022

Monday's Long Song

Eleven minutes of early 90s guitar wrangling from Ride, Mark Gardener and Andy Bell twisting their guitars and FX pedals into all kinds of shapes and noises. If you can play twin guitar without any obvious verse/ chorus structure or words for more than ten minutes and keep it interesting and exciting, you've got something going for you, as the Ride boys prove here (especially as they were not long out of their teens when they recorded this).

Grasshopper was the B-side to the Leave Them All Behind 12", out on Creation in February 1992. Leave Them All Behind is an epic long song itself. 



The Swede said...

Well that cleared the cobwebs. What a thoroughly splendid racket.

Swiss Adam said...

Isn't it just?

Khayem said...

Thirded. I have never heard Grasshopper before now and it is truly majestic.