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Thursday 24 August 2023

Tenth Floor Down And Cabaret Sauvage

Two more new tracks from Bagging Area favourites, both released earlier this month. First up is courtesy of Dirt Bogarde, Stourbridge's finest, who has shifted slightly from acid house thumpers to some post punk dread. Tenth Floor Down has a Killing Joke/ Joy Division descending bassline and ominous synth swirls, things sounding a little tense and with gritted teeth. The acid works its way in and a female backing vocal softens things a little, but its a gripping, intense ride. Buy it at Bandcamp.  

In a similar sonic area is the latest track from Pye Corner Audio, Cabaret Sauvage, four minutes of dark, dystopic, radiophonic murk, a punk- funk guitar riff beamed in from early 80s Talking Heads, synths that could come from sci fi TV from the same period and a bassline that throbs. Buy it at Bandcamp.

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Khayem said...

Since you originally switched me onto these artists, both are now automatic purchases with new releases. Tenth Floor Down and Cabaret Sauvage are both excellent and I loved your descriptions. In my recent review of the latter, I cited Pink Industry and 1980s arcade game influences, so Martin's clearly hitting the spot for us both!