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Thursday 2 November 2023

Clear And Present

One of the joys of the in car mp3 player in shuffle mode is those totally unexpected tracks thrown up on the journey to and from work. Last week, out of the digital ether, it filled the car with the sounds of Paperclip People...

Clear And Present

The car's speakers struggled with that bass but as soon as those synths jump in the rattle and distortion was overcome by the magnificence of Carl Craig's 1996 masterpiece, The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich (an album he revisited and remastered in 2012 which is where this version is from). Carl blurs the lines on the twelve tracks between the gritty bounce and thump of nightclub music, the more clinical, scientific world of Detroit techno and the propulsive good times of disco. On most of the tracks the techno wins. Dynamics and science fiction techno pushed to the edges that demands to be played loud- steam hisses of hi hat, glorious long synth chords, thumping drums, sub bass. 

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