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Thursday 7 March 2024

Further Galloping Remixes

David Holmes' remix project continues to gather pace, an almost bewildering number of remixes of songs from his 2023 album Blind On A Galloping Horse being released (and this week Heavenly putting some of them out on vinyl). So far the roll call of artists who have taken David's songs from the album and reshaped them takes in Daniel Avery, Die Hexen and Ruth Bate, Timmy Stewart, Darren Emerson, Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden, Working Men's Club, Hardway Bros, Skymas, Decius, Phil Kieran, Robin Wylie, Lovefingers (again), Sonic Boom and Panda Bear, X- Press 2, Jordan Nocturne, The Vendetta Suite, Horse Meat Disco and Colleen Cosmo Murphy. Last week three new remixes saw the light of day, the first being Rich Lane's remix of Yeah x 3...

Rich's remix is an unashamedly acid house banger, the bassline burbling away with the instantly recognisable sound of the 303's drum settings, the 303 deployed to fine effect, while Raven sings of the power of positivity, personal freedom and that love is a mystery. There's a turning up of the heat in the last two minutes, acid bleeps at the fore, bassline pulsing and intensity rising. I'm particularly fond of this remix- this blog played a part in connecting David and Rich in the autumn of last year following a post in the aftermath of Sinead O'Connor's death which led to David suggesting Rich remix Yeah x 3. There's a Rich Lane Dub too which strips Raven back and pushes the acid even further to the front. 

Hardway Bros return to the remix frontline with a remix of Too Muchroom (Too Much Acid Dub), a heavy duty seven minute Sean Johnston dubbed out dance remix, the vocals turned into a ghostly echo whispering away behind the insistent throb of the bass and drums and bounce of the synths-'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room'

Finally, for the moment, unless David has another slew of artists ready to further deconstruct his album, there is a GLOK remix of Agitprop 13. Andy Bell's recent GLOK remixes have been wide ranging affairs, taking the GLOK sound into deeper waters. This one is a slo mo pounder, disembodied and backwards vocals bouncing round the mix, synths as pulses, basement sounds (as his remix of C.A.R.'s Anzu at the tail end of last year stated) ending in a rather lovely and low key as the tinkling music box melody repeats to fade. 


Jez said...

These are bleedin' great Swiss, cheers! I've just downloaded the 'normal' original "Blind..." album and the first volume of the remixes. Will tuck in to them later..and then pretend I discovered them all by myself over at my place (not really, props will be given, of course!)

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you enjoyed them Jez