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Saturday 27 April 2024

V.A. Saturday

A few weeks ago I posted some tracks from Soul Jazz Records 100% Dynamite series, a sequence of compilation albums exploring records from Jamaica, every track a reggae/ dub winner. Soul Jazz expanded their mission way beyond reggae and the salsa and Latino funk they started out with. In 2005 Soul Jazz 111 was a two CD compilation titled Can You Jack? Chicago Acid And Experimental House 1985- 1995. The cover is black with a red circle which has the word ACID inside it. The first track is Maurice's This Is Acid and the last is Phuture's Acid Tracks. It's wall to wall acid. In between the start and finish it takes in lesser known acid tracks, B-sides and a few classics, wall to wall Roland 303 synthesisers, circa 120 bpm and endless variations on that bassline, the one that at deafening volume makes your chest pound and your clothes vibrate. Over the course of two CDs it can get a bit samey but equally if you need to clean your ears out and cleanse your palette, there are seventeen slices of powerful, raw, thundering/ minimal, swirling Chicago acid and house with jackhammer drum machine beats that caused something of a revolution when it arrived in the UK and across Europe, that will do just that. Here are three of those acid tracks, the two mentioned above (Maurice's vocal claiming definitive ownership, Phuture's twelve minute opus that is musically definitive and one from Green Velvet in the middle). 

This Is Acid


Acid Tracks


Jake Sniper said...

Any compilation on the Soul Jazz label is always worth checking out.

Jase said...

There's only one thing I can say to this:



Swiss Adam said...

Still raises a chuckle whenever I think of Oldham fans chanting 'Latiiiiiiiiics'