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Sunday 17 January 2010

A Certain Ratio 'Won't Stop Loving You'

One of the great lost singles of the period, this early 90s A Certain Ratio single began life as a song called The Big E (hmmm...), after ACR left Factory for the bigtime of A&M. The major label thing didn't work out, but did produce some great songs- Good Together from the Four For The Floor e.p., and this from the MCR album. This is ridiculously good- remixed/produced by Bernard Sumner- all kick drums and snares, keys, bass and a suitably lovelorn vocal, with Denise Johnson on backing vocals. When ACR had a renaissance a few years back it was their early stuff that got re-issued and re-discovered (Shack Up, Do The Du, Skipscada etc), and rightly so, but these later songs, especially this one, are top stuff. They played the Band On The Wall then and recently, and were great. Frontman Jeremy still sports the regulation Factory haircut. Shame the khaki Desert Rat shorts have gone, but you can't have everything.

Won_t Stop Loving You.mp3


Ctelblog said...

MCR - cracking album

Swiss Adam said...

Yep- a much overlooked lp and band