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Tuesday 26 January 2010

New Order 'Lonesome Tonight'

New Order are among the greatest musical combo's ever to walk the land. I could probably write thousands of words about them, but I don't have the time and you'd probably get bored reading it. In the early to mid-80s they regularly produced magic, at the drop of a hat. Listen to Everything's Gone Green and hear the exact moment rock met dance and got off with each other. Listen to Temptation and hear it perfected. Listen to Thieves Like Us and hear Bernard's musings on the nature of love over the crispest of drums and washes of synths. Listen to True Faith and hear big-selling chart music with soul and passion. Etc etc etc. True greatness. Lasted up until Regret I reckon. By that time they'd fallen out and were making a record to help Factory stay afloat. They've had a few moments since then, and the live shows in the last few years have been good, despite Gillian's absence. Anyway, this is Lonesome Tonight, the b-side to Thieves Like Us. New Order's b-sides were better than most bands a-sides.

Random fact-when I was a kid growing up in Withington, M20, I used to deliver Peter Hook's newspaper. Didn't know who he was at the time. Can't remember what paper he took either. Nothing like a good anecdote is there?

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shitboyfriend said...

true - they've made some of my favourite ever records and really did perfect the whole guitar/synth/pop/remix thing.

too many great tracks - this time of night, bizarre love triangle and touched by the hand of god will forever send shivers up me.

if only you could remember the paper hooky took...

Swiss Adam said...

I know, just hope it wasn't the Daily Mail