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Monday 18 January 2010

Del Shannon 'Gemini'

I only discovered this in the last year or so, after getting into some of those Pilooski Dirty Edit re-edits. This is a real treat- off Del Shannon's late 60s baroque- psyche 'lost masterpiece' (everyone in the 60s has got one of those havn't they?) The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover. Ended up buying a re-issue of the album on cd, and it's good-ish, but this is clearly the standout. The Pilooski edit's good too, and out there somewhere in internet land, but this is better. He did a similar job on The Human Beinz 'Nobody But Me', equally great source track and re-edit. Brilliant song, great instrumentation, great vocals. Enjoy it.

07 Gemini.wma


Plough Your Own Furrow said...

You should hear his Marie is the name of my latest flame .. recorded before that much bigger rock god - Elvis

Stuart (Charles put me onto you blogosphere) ... trust you're well

swiss adam said...

Blimey- Stuart! How you doing?

Plough Your Own Furrow said...

I'm doing good ... will post a link to your blog from my Facebook

Plough Your Own Furrow said...

Going back to Del ... crack double CD compilation and has this brilliant version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq7WXuCVyuU

I love your story based approach to talking about music .. wish I could be so diligent at posting ... I started to try it but died a death without even trying