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Thursday 28 January 2010

Quando Quango 'Atom Rock'

I published a post the other day about The Durutti Column, where I said that Factory Records was the greatest record label ever, and seeing as no-one left a comment arguing about it, I think we're all agreed on that one. So maybe this'll become a regular feature. Quando Quango were the first band of Mike Pickering, years before he made pop-house with the massively popular M-People. Atom Rock is very Factory- clipped white boy funk, short back 'n' sides, and produced by B-Music (New Order's production pseudonym). It's a great record, and features the massively talented Johnny Marr moonlighting from his day job. Can't imagine this track went down that well in Morrissey's house though.

07 Atom Rock.wma


undeleted said...

Am I too late to disagree? Factory put out some great records but they also released a lot of shite - do I need to mention the N-word?

In terms of consistency and relevance, Virgin and even Island would have a better claim to 'greatest label ever' than Factory.

swiss adam said...

The shite's all part of the story. Besides, it was usually beautifully packaged shite.