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Saturday 2 January 2010


On the Saturday before Christmas I went to see PiL at Manchester Academy. I was in two minds about this from the moment I first read about the tour. No Jah Wobble, no Keith Levene (they can't stand each other apparently). Also, I wasn't sure whether Lydon would be the slightly pantomime figure of the Sex Pistols re-unions and the butter advert. They came on and played Public Image, hard, fast, great bass playing. Lydon then abused a beer thrower to such an extent no more beer was thrown throughout the 2 hours of the gig. Poptones, Death Disco, Careering, This is Not A Love Song all followed, all fantastic. It went on a bit too long in the middle, but was enlivened by Lydon swilling from a bottle of wine and then spitting into a kitchen bin between songs. 'I'm 53, singing for 2 hours plus and fighting off various infections' was the explanation. They encored with Rise and Open Up, after a frightening set closer of Religion. 'Public Image Limited' he told us, 'Serious facking music for serious facking people'. All in all, a re-union to be proud of.

I met Lydon in 1995. On honeymoon, on a barge moored by Regent's Park in London myself and my then-new wife Mrs Swiss, went into central London for a drink. We went into The George on Wardour Street, and sitting with largish group of men was John Lydon. We took a seat near the toilets (nice) and when his bladder could take no more lager he finally visited the men's. On his way back to his seat I ambushed the punk rock legend with a camera. He obliged, and asked what we were doing in London. On hearing it was our honeymoon, he blessed our marriage (!) and accosted a passerby to photograph the 3 of us. My favourite wedding photo.

mp3: Careering (Peel Session)


Swiss Adam said...

Ta very much

Anonymous said...

twas brandy, not wine

Swiss Adam said...

Apologies anonymous.