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Saturday 23 March 2019

No 303

Something brand new for Saturday, three tracks ideally suited for a Saturday night. Field Of Dreams are a Birmingham based duo who have just released this- the No 303 ep (so called because they forced themselves not to make the tracks without using their trusty 303). Opener Losing My Soul is straight ahead, dark house music, coupled with some mild existential dread, possibly that moment on the floor when you suddenly snap out, have a brief flutter of panic and then tell yourself that everything's fine, just close your eyes and reconnect. Track 2 starts long synth chords and some bleeps, a bit slower with a bassline that brings everything together. Track 3 is lighter, arpeggios, mechanical drums and some smile inducing piano. Just four of your British pounds- buy it here.

1 comment:

Walter said...

Great stuff Adam. A perfect piece to start into Saturday.