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Thursday 22 September 2022

Brix Goes Tubular

Brix Goes Tubular, a collaboration between Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s and Brix Smith, came out in the sweltering heat of August, a low slung and infectious slice of groovy acid/ indie disco, Brix surfing on top of Deadstock beats and bleeps. A joy.

Last week a dub version came out, prompting me to go back to it having played it non-stop for a few days and then forgotten about it. That seems to happen a lot. I'm not sure of that's my current concentration span issues or the nature of the seemingly constant torrent of music that floods out of the computer. The dub is lovely, laid back and warm, unwinding at its own pace and in no hurry to be anywhere at all sooner than it needs to be. 


George said...

I was hoping for a reinterpretation of a Mike Oldfield album!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Put me in mind of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzAOiA4dH_o

Swiss Adam said...

George- ha! Could still happen I guess
Anon- yeah, definitely some common ground

The Swede said...

I didn't see this coming. Very good.