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Tuesday 12 January 2010

The Nails '88 Lines About 44 Women'

Back in the days when we went nightclubbing at least every weekend, we'd sometimes troop over to Liverpool where a friend did the projections and lights at Cream. After pummeling our senses in the back room to Weatherall, Holmes or The Chemical Brothers, we'd meet back at the projectionists house and play records, smoke cigarettes and drink tea til the sun came up. After some clubby tunes and some more chilled out stuff, the projectionist would delve into his 7" boxes and play some wonderful random nonsense, which made perfect sense at the time. This was one of the songs that often got played. I liked it so much the projectionist found a 7" re-issue on the Rough Trade Record Club label, and gave it to me and Mrs Swiss as a wedding present. I know very little about The Nails, and I'm happy to keep it that way. The B -side of this song is not great, photos of the band arn't encouraging and I've never wanted to further damage my love for this song. It does exactly what the title says- there's 88 lines about 44 women, almost all of them great, some sparse drum machine backing and some 'aaaaahh aah aah aah aah aaaaahh's thrown in. That's it. And it's all you need.


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