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Thursday 1 April 2010

Thursday Night Is Rockabilly Night This Week

The family Swiss are off to a caravan for the Easter weekend, setting off tomorrow early-ish. The weather forecast is mixed, mainly rain. I thought your weekly Friday slice of greased-up, quiff and motorcycle boot friendly action better come tonight seeing as I won't have time tomorrow and I haven't worked out how to post-date a post.

This is Eddie Cochran's Something Else. It's all about cars, girls and dreams, and when it all comes true, man, that's something else.

Two pictures, because he's worth it. Enjoy your Easter weekend, see y'all Monday.

04 Somethin' Else.wma


Northern Soul said...

happy camping - hope the rain doesn't lash off the tin roof too much :-)

Swiss Adam said...

It could be grim. Alcohol should help.

drew said...

I tend to find that alcohol does help in those situations. Have a good time anyway.

Scheduling posts isn't too difficult SA, when doing your post underneath, click on post options, then to the right you will see the options automatic or schedule, click on that option and enter date and time, return and your cooking with gas.

Swiss Adam said...

Ta for that Drew- just hadn't bothered to sort out how to do it.