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Monday 19 April 2010

Two Lone Swordsmen 'Wrong Meeting Remix'

Back in May 2007 Two Lone Swordsmen released Wrong Meeting, followed a month later by Wrong Meeting 2. Weatherall and Tenniswood completed their move from a purely electronic outfit into a garage rock band, although in interviews at the time Weatherall said all the songs were written on computer, with guitars, bass, vocals and some live drums added later. I loved these two albums, chock full of great songs, interesting lyrics, sequenced like proper vinyl lps, and clearly influenced by garage rock, rockabilly, glam, some goth, and yes, some sleazy electronica. If you bought the Wrong Meeting box-set direct from Rotters Golf Club you got a numbered box, vinyl lp, T-shirt, signed print and lyric booklet illustrated by Weatherall himself. These things appealed to the teenage fan in me. You also became a member of the Patient Saints club, and were promised extras. In the end these extras amounted to just a set of badges and a remix, but still, they were exclusive extras. This is the Weatherall remix of the title track, where Weatherall strips off the guitars and sends it back to the computer, in a similar way to the remixes he did for the Sex Beat and Big Shining Silver Motor Of Sin singles a few years before (currently available over at Ripped In Glasgow). If you're a Weatherall obsessive (and I know some of you are), you may not have this. It appears from a recent interview somewhere that Tenniswood and Weatherall have parted company and TLS have split so the two Wrong Meeting albums are now their swansong. They went out on a high though.

wrong meeting remix mastered 320.mp3

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